faithless town


Faithless Town is an American rock band led by singer-songwriter Gene Owens. Formed in 2008 in Atlanta and now based in Los Angeles, the band has consisted of several line-ups. It currently exists as both an East Coast line-up consisting of Owens (lead vocals, guitar), Matthew Smith (guitar, backing vocals), Geoff Goodwin (keyboards), Tyler Sant (bass guitar), and husband and wife Padrick (drums) and Kristine Handley (backing vocals, percussion) as well as a West Coast line-up with Owens (lead vocals, guitar), Taylor Crowell (guitar), David Walker (bass), and Thomas "Tommy" Zamorano (drums, backing vocals).

Funded by fans through a successful Kickstarter campaign, their first full-length album, American Refugee (2012) featured the single “Ghosts Of My Hometown” which received FM radio play throughout the American Southeast.

Branching out from their Americana Rock roots, Faithless Town’s new record, Empires, is an eclectic album ranging in music styles as diverse as 80’s Pop and New Wave to Folk and Grunge.

The album's lead single “Waste Away” draws inspiration from The Smiths and David Bowie, creating a shoegaze rock anthem unlike the singer/songwriter has created before. Light and airy guitar riffs lay a thick base of churning reverb throughout the track while Owens' warm, full-bodies vocals packed full of romantically melancholic sentiments fall softly atop like snowflakes.

Empires was released June 2nd, 2016 on CD and via various digital download and streaming formats.